Absolute Freedom Portfolio


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    Investment Objective

    To generate outsize returns over 3 -5 years, through a portfolio which may predominantly invests in large cap stocks and selectively in quality mid cap, small cap and micro-cap stocks.

    Type Of Securities

    Portfolio will invest in listed equity and equity related instruments. The portfolio can have some exposure to debt instruments including Money Market Instruments, units of mutual fund, fixed deposits, or any other securities as may be specified by SEBI from time to time.

    Basis of Selection

    Listed equity and equity related instruments will be selected basis the in-house proprietary research carried out by the portfolio management team, in accordance with investment objective of the Portfolio. Debt instruments will be typically used for temporary parking of Funds pending deployment in market wherein liquidity and safety will be the primary basis for selection.


    Equity & equity related instruments: 70%-100% | Debt Instruments: 0-30%

    Benchmark and Basis for choice of Benchmark

    BSE 200; The Portfolio Manager would endeavour to generate capital appreciation by investing in a portfolio that may primarily invest in large cap & selectively in midcap, small cap & microcap stocks. Hence, benchmark of BSE 200 index will be an appropriate choice to compare the performance.

    Indicative Investment Horizon

    Ideal investment horizon for any equity investment should be long term in nature for compounding to work for the Client. However, the indicative investment horizon for the portfolio should be at least 3 years.

Investment Style

• Predominantly in Large cap stocks, provides stability to the portfolio
• Mid cap, Small cap and Micro cap adds to the upside potential
• Bottom up stock picking based on our unique “Must 5” Quality framework, aim to identify those stocks which have a potential of delivering outsize returns
• Investments are made with a Buy & Hold view.
• Benchmark Agnostic portfolio creation approach results in a Unique & Differentiated Portfolio
• Concentrated portfolio of our top 20 – 25 ideas, ensures meaningful positions are taken in majority of the holdings, while maintaining adequate diversification



Sector Allocation (Top 10)

Top 10 Holdings

Security% Assets


Important Disclosures
  • Investors can directly invest / participate in the portfolio. Should the investor decide to invest directly, the investor should carefully read the entire disclosure document and other offerings documents prior to making an Investment.
  • The performance related information provided herein is not verified by SEBI.
  • The investors are requested to note that there is no material impact on investor portfolio, on account of alignment of PMS strategies as investment approach in line with new SEBI regulation.